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April, 2003

Touchables 2003 – Another way of discovering Art

"Touchables 2003: is an art exhibtion, which encourages sighted and non-sighted visitors to experience art through one’s hands. The exhibition features more than 40 works of art by national and international artists, who have selected materials in stone, marbel, fibre, clay, bronze and other media.

Curator and sculptor Barbara Rheingrover created “Touchables” to bring art into the hands of the visually impaired. The concept for the exhibition came to her after a long night’s work. Closing her eyes and resting her hands on a piece of stone, she wondered what it would be like to experience sculpture if she could not depend on her eyes.

Gisele Person, director of Serca Gallery, brought the work of two French artists to contribute to this remarkable exhibition. Debroeck is an internationally renown artist who has created a unique method of communicating her feelings. Louis Durot creates free and subversives designs, which are a playfull challenge of the imagination.

A portion of proceeds from “Touchables” exhibit will benefit the Center for the Visually Impaired, which recently opened its new location on West Peachtree. The Center provides a wide range of social and rehabilitation services to enable visually impaired children and adults learn to cope successfully with the loss of vision. Independence with dignity and the preservation of self-worth for the client are the primary goals of all services of the Center.

The exhibtion runs through May 23 at the Center for the Visually Impaired. For more information, please call 404.875.9011

Blind Woman Experiencing Art   Blind man experiencing art

Photographs Katrin Hentschel, Transatlantic Journal

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