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Seasons of Life
The recent two year effort; entitled "Seasons of Life", is my way of expressing my feelings of thankfulness for the wonderment of life encompassing all it's aspects from Despair to Hope.

Reborn through Redemption, held helpless by Anger and by Fear, moderated by Trust and ultimately saved through Forgiveness, we, the human race struggle onward in daily fluctuations with them all.

The universality and timelessness of the spiritual themes expressed in the work reaches out to all audiences and viewers. Strong, balanced and only capable of being individually interpreted, the work will evoke deeply conscious and unconscious meanings within the viewer. Being three dimensional, the work calls the viewer to look deeper at and inspect more closely the symbology represented in the minutist of details found in all the pieces.

The bronze works are intended and have been intended to be ultimately carved in monumental Carrarra marble as a tribute to the past masters of realistic stone expression, yet the form remains in the contemporary world we live in. This artistic straddle, created by the "Seasons of Life", from past to present to future, assures us that viewers through the ages will be as excited and energized by the work as we are today.

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